Pamper Hamper for Mom’s to be!

It feels like a lifetime ago since I blogged so apologies to anyone who had been enjoying them, but I’m back now with some new ideas for the blog and what I want to aim towards.

So, a couple of months back my sister and brother in law gave my family the best news ever………they are expecting a baby! That’s right our family is growing, and the next generation will be here in February the excitement is unreal 😊.

Anyone who has read previous blogs will have guessed a growing trend with me… I’ll make a hamper for nearly any occasion ha!! Continue reading

Goodbye January….. Hello February!

So, January is finally over, I kinda feel I’ve wasted the first month of what I hope will be a fun and exciting year, but I’ve turned the page to February now and I’m putting plans in place to reach my goals both with new events and in my personal life!

Just for a little update since Christmas (yes I’m fully aware its a distant memory at this stage!!) with my diet Continue reading

Thin for Christmas….update!

It’s been two weeks since I let the world know I was on a journey to a Thin Christmas well so far so good………ish!!!

Week 1:

Alarm goes off on Monday morning, it’s not just your typical crappy Monday morning its day one on the bandwagon to lose weight so my alarm goes off 25 minutes earlier than usual I drag myself out of bed fire on a tracksuit and thank god its dark out so nobody will recognise me and off I go to do 20 minutes morning cardio (cardio sounds so much more like I made an effort………I actually just went for a walk but sure look a walk is better than nothing in my book!!). Continue reading