Thin for Christmas….update!

It’s been two weeks since I let the world know I was on a journey to a Thin Christmas well so far so good……...ish!!! Week 1: Alarm goes off on Monday morning, it’s not just your typical crappy Monday morning its day one on the bandwagon to lose weight so my alarm goes off 25... Continue Reading →

I’m dreaming of a THIN Christmas!!

Ok, so I’m taking a different spin on “events” with this one…… I’m going more for the “preparation” for an Event……………... YEP I’m on a journey for the next 10 weeks to lose as much bloody weight as possible without fully becoming a hermit who only ventures out to go to the gym! My goal... Continue Reading →

Spooky Eats & Scary Drinks!!!

With just 2 weeks to go to the Halloween bank holiday weekend I thought I’d share a few party favourites food and drink recipes most are easy to make and will add to the “Spooky” theme depending on how much alcohol you put in and how bad your cooking is ha-ha!! First up a few... Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

So below are a few quick and easy Halloween costumes that can be made at home and save you some money. First up is the “Contour tutorial” for YouTube Make up tutorial lovers!! Just pin your hair back with a hairband and then do dramatic contouring/highlighting on your face and BOOM you’re ready to go!!... Continue Reading →

Becksybubbles takes on the GAA!!!

Where do I start, I’m still in shock at how I managed to pull off such a large event with 2 weeks’ notice! So it started with an email on a Friday evening nearly 3 weeks ago now asking would I be interested in organising the clubs community family day………to say I was shocked was... Continue Reading →

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