So, your sister is getting hitched!

So here I am writing my first blog probably the biggest leap I’ve taken in along time but sure I’ll give it a whirl and see where it takes me!!!

I thought I’d start of writing about something I started doing around 4 years ago when one of my best friends got engaged and then naturally it grew legs and by the time it came to my sister I was a pro and getting things done! So here it goes I’m going to blog about Engagement hampers…..


While everyone around you is excited at the prospect of a wedding you “the other sister” start thinking almost immediately ‘Christ I better start my diet for the wedding’ ‘Jaysus where will we go for the hen’ ‘What dress will she pick for us to wear’………the list of thoughts is endless I know I’ve been there!!

But first things first, whether this is your only sister or your 10th sister to get married you want your sister to stay on cloud nine for as long as possible.

When my sister got engaged on Christmas Eve 3 years ago, my first thoughts where ‘god damn it the shops don’t open now till the 27th of December’………. yes, that was my first thought reason being, I had started a little tradition with my close friends of making up an “engagement hamper” to congratulate them on their engagement!

This can be a nice little token for the bride to be or for both the bride and groom to be. The size of the Engagement hamper will depend on your budget and that will in turn will depend on if you are making it up yourself or if you have other friends to chip in.

For my sister, I decided to add bits to a box and then a case of beer for the groom to get over the shock of whats ahead when he saw the bridal magazines, wedding checklists etc!!

In the hamper I had bridal magazines, love heart sweets, bottle of Bubbly, a money box, calculator, mini lanterns with hearts on them, big his and hers mugs, wicker love heart lights, picture frames……. basically, anything I could find that had hearts on it and was in stock in Penney’s!!! I also bought a book in Eason’s ‘wedding of the century’ which is a keepsake book that you fill in as you prepare for your big day with the likes of date you asked your friends/sisters to be your bridesmaids to the day you picked your wedding dress and of course the big day itself. I also got the hamper box in Penney’s in the home ware section where they have the fold-able boxes that are usually about €8.

Penney’s have amazing stuff in now for weddings and for bridal parties so your task should be easier than mine was nearly 4 years ago when my friends started getting engaged!

Below is a photo of the hamper all made up and again you can fill it with as much as you like, they are easy to make up for whatever your budget is!


So there is it my first blog……….Thanks for reading 🙂


Becksybubbles x

20 thoughts on “So, your sister is getting hitched!

  1. I got one of the hampers from becksybubbles and the girls, I loved it, it was so thoughtful and so handy and actually made me feel so special, but then again that’s part of becksys DNA. Xxx

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  2. Becky’s Bubbles…well what can I say..having been to your sisters hens and seen the PRECISION ORGANIZING and sheer THOUGHTFULNESS you accomplished that weekend this blog of yours will help those near and far..this really is your calling…every success to you and although I’m married I will look forward to all your info on sparkles and bubbles 😄💞🍹🍾

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  3. Rebecca that’s an amazing idea, I’ve never heard of and definitely would never think of an Engagment box in my uncreative mind, so this has given me loads of lovely ideas for friends. Well done on your first blog too….brilliant xx

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  4. Great first blog and great idea becks! I absolutely loved my hamper and used every bit of it. There was so many times throughout the year of planning the wedding that I was like ‘ oh that’s in my hamper !’ . I still have the actual hamper box and use it now as my wedding planning memories box xx

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