Getting married abroad……I’ve a box for that!

You have booked the location and the excitement is mounting and now to book your flights, do you book an extra seat for your dress? will it fit in a suit carrier? Will you put it in the overhead storage? Do you check it in and panic the whole time that it won’t arrive at the location? Or are you fearful while having those few pre-flight scoops in the airport that someone god forbid will spill a drink on the dress?

All these thoughts went through my head with my sister’s wedding dress, yes, her dress not mine, I don’t think the thought even crossed my sisters mind but then that’s where we are different, I think of the little things and she thinks of the big things!

With all of us  travelling abroad for the wedding, these thoughts crossed my mind a few times but to be honest the only reason it did was I feared for drinks being spilled on the dress as the majority of my extended family are extremely clumsy myself included it’s a true story  at nearly every family gathering you can be guaranteed some will either fall, spill a drink, break a chair…….the list is endless and usually highly entertaining, once is not you that has given everyone else a reason to laugh of course!!


So, when it came to my sisters dress I embarked on finding some sort of solution to this dilemma!! I found the box below on Amazon, they personalise it with the date of the wedding and location and I also got the “soon to be” part to be added (just to add to the excitement in the airport!).

The box works out at roughly €45 with delivery and the good thing is the box can then be used to store your dress after the wedding. I bought the box just before Christmas and gave it to my sister as part of her Christmas present, saved me trying to think of things to buy her in fact I think all her Christmas presents that year where wedding related!!!

Below is a picture of the box and the packaging that comes with it, I asked for yellow ribbon to match the bridal party theme and the supplier was very accommodating, she had sent me examples of the writing on the box etc. before shipping it, to make sure I was happy.

Hope this is useful to some brides to be & Thanks for reading!

Becksybubbles x

8 thoughts on “Getting married abroad……I’ve a box for that!

  1. Again such another great blog and idea that I didn’t think of! The box was perfect for carrying my dress and as mentioned it’s now where my dress is to keep it safe 😃

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