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Continuing on from my ‘Just call me Monica Geller’ Blog ………..

So, the excitement is building for the hen weekend for everyone attending but you are rattling your brain trying to come up with things to make this hen stand out from the other 100 hen parties you/The bride have attended.

You could pick an unusual activity, organise extra entertainment on the 1st night, survival kits for everyone attending the list is endless but I’ve a few ideas that might help you on your way to organising a hen party to be remembered….

  1. You could organise something extra on the Friday night as a surprise for everyone (well except the bridesmaids!)

For one Hen party, we organised a DJ/Karaoke in our accommodation, our bride to be is an amazing singer as is her sister, so we told everyone we were having a PJ night with a few drinks and food and then the DJ arrived!

  1. Something different for the activity….

I’m sure if you have gone to a few hen parties, you have done the cocktail making class/dance class/treasure hunt etc. have you tried “Laughter Yoga”?……..yes this is an actual thing I thought it was some sort of joke to con me into exercising at a hen but nope its real and It turned out to be fun!! Weird at first but after a while you hit that stage of sides hurting from laughing but you also have no idea why you are laughing……it’s all very strange but good for something different.

Or you could organise a trip to the chocolate factory ……. just think Willy Wonka without the Oompa Loompa’s…I know I was devastated they weren’t there too…But you get to eat chocolate so whats not to love!!

  1. Give all the girls hen survival goody bags

You can get personalised ones made and fill them with some of the following:

Paracetamol, Hand-Sanitizer, plastic-cup, straw, Badges, hen party sash, Napkins, sweets, crisps, bubbles, nail files, hair bobbin, make up remover wipes, plasters and maybe a mini torch if you are going glamping!

I usually start picking up bits a few months in advance, you can get the travel packs in Penney’s for about €5 which have the mini makeup wipes, mini deodorant and mini nail varnish remover or something similar so I just split those up and put one item in each bag. You will also get a great selection in dealz for sweets etc. and then the rest I would order from  you can get personalised t-shirts/personalised hen bags/ sashes etc. and delivery is usually quick too.

Here’s an example of the bags and some of the contents 🙂


     4. Don’t forget the Brides hen book

Keep an eye out on for deals on photo-books they do discounts from time to time and you don’t have to make the book straight away you get a month or 2 before the coupon expires.

For this book, you will need to gather old photos from her friends and family and go through her Facebook photos too and save them all to a desktop/laptop. Preferably in the one folder and even number them from 1 to whatever with 1 being her youngest if you are doing the book in a ‘This is your life’ style as it can speed up the process of importing them.


The ‘Goodbye miss…Hello Mrs’ book is great for filling in bits about the hen party and for all the attendees to write a little note for the bride, I picked this up in Eason’s but you can also pick them up on

      5.Make it even more exciting for the bride

If the bride has no idea where she is going for her hen weekend, you can really build the excitement in the week leading up to it by posting/leaving items at her desk in work/home. For my sister’s hen, we went glamping she had absolutely no idea where she was going so for the week leading up to it I told her she would receive an item a day that needed to be packed as it would be required while away so the 1st day a funny shower cap (found it in Penney’s think it was a frog!) 2nd day I sent flip flops, 3rd day I sent her fluffy soaks and on the 4th day to really confuse her I sent a bikini! Now to be honest all but the bikini was needed for the weekend glamping! I also gave her a packing list……yep my inner Monica Geller was in full swing that day!!!

     6.Extra little pressies for the bride

These can be little token presents for the bride to be or something that might come in useful while on the hen. I’ve gotten a few “bride” onesies before which where useful for the 1st night “sitting in” and for my sister glamping in March in Ireland!! Or another option is the hoodie all are available on and vary in price depending on how much detail you want on them!

Or you could get a personalised veil on for the bride to wear……

I hope these little tips help anyone organising a hen party,


Thanks for reading,

Have a great weekend 🙂

Becksybubbles  x

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