A survival kit for the big day…

I thought I’d share a few more hamper/boxes you can get the bride to be for their big day.

Us girls always need some sort of a survival kit be it big or small, for days or nights out and if anything, your wedding day you will want everything and anything in your survival kit to avoid any catastrophes!! My friends/family usually rely on my handbag of tricks on a night out cause I’ll have anything from hairspray to painkillers in it regardless of the size of my bag so for all the brides to be in my life over the last few years I made up survival kits for them.

The contents and size of the kit will depend on the time of year and location of the wedding. For one of my friends getting married just before Christmas I got a wooden “Bridal Emergency Kit” handmade from www.etsy.com  with this supplier, you can pick the colour of the box (I would try to match the bridal party colour scheme) and they will personalise it with the name of the bride and the date of their wedding. You can also pay extra to have it filled with all supplies necessary or fill it yourself depending on how far your budget will stretch. For this wedding, myself and the chief bridesmaid went in on it together and got it filled from the supplier, it had everything in it from safety pins to plasters and was full to the brim with things the bride may need.
Below is a sample of the Bridal Emergency kit…..


For my sister, she was getting married abroad so I needed to think differently and decided on getting a personalised cooler bag, for obvious reasons I didn’t want things melting in the sunshine and again we filled it with all the items she might need, and included water and mosquito spray for later in the evening! I also purchased this on www.etsy.com


Bridal survival Kit


And finally, the tote bag, so handy to have for the bridal party, we used the bag to put all our handbags in and any extras the bride/bridesmaids may need like flipflops etc. you can get these personalised for less than €20 I purchased the one below on www.amazon.co.uk  but I’m sure you could buy a plain one and get it stitched at “Stitch a name” in the pavilions/city centre or somewhere similar or if you are good at doing things like that you could do it yourself, me I am definitely not, I’m all for letting someone else do it!!!

bridal tote bag



Hope this is of use to some brides to be or bridesmaids out there!


Thanks again for reading,


Becksybubbles x


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