Becksybubbles takes on the GAA!!!

Where do I start, I’m still in shock at how I managed to pull off such a large event with 2 weeks’ notice!

So it started with an email on a Friday evening nearly 3 weeks ago now asking would I be interested in organising the clubs community family day………to say I was shocked was an understatement, I naturally did what I always do and convinced myself I wasn’t able to do it ‘like how could I pull it off in 2 weeks having never organised something like that before’ then the fear kicked in ‘imagine I made a mess of it my new career would be in tatters before it even began’…….yes this is me I fill myself with self-doubt and then I use all that self-doubt to prove myself wrong, nobody else just me,  given everyone else knows I can do it!! it’s funny how your friends and family have more faith in you than you do yourself, it’s like they see a different you to what you see in the mirror I guess.

Anyway, clearly, I said yes to the job on a Saturday morning slightly hungover and the first thing I did was send myself into a frenzy of phone calls, ringing around family and friends to see if they could help with the day, I got in contact with one of my friends Caitriona to see if she could be my assistant, god help her she said yes and no doubt spent the next 2 weeks cursing herself for agreeing to it, with me constantly on the phone to her and sending spreadsheets and checklists etc…..Thanks Caitriona!!!!

Then the next day I went off on a Sunday fun day trip to London to see Chelsea play with my dad, I wrecked his head from early morning till we got home late Sunday night bouncing ideas off him and constantly on my phone but I’m sure he enjoyed it all the same!!

The first week I was a walking talking stress ball getting quotes and confirming things but by Friday I’d everything booked and a schedule of events done as well as my budget. As it was a community event the club wanted to involve as many local businesses in the day so I was tasked with contacting businesses/Facebook pages to see if they would like to have a stall on the day. The response was fantastic from all that participated. We had louLoves and A Room of Rainbows sign up for our crafts stalls both girls have Facebook pages selling their amazing crafts. Food stalls where provided by McHugh’s Wine and Dine Restaurant and JW Smyth Butchers both of which were a huge hit with people that attended. The Local Ice Cream Van had a steady stream of people the whole time he was there. We also had Jimmy’s Bike Shop and With Love the new local charity shop in Portmarnock Village.

Advertising, I’m sure I drove my Brother in Law Andy from WC O’Brien Sign and Print BANANAS between texts emails and phone calls but he never once said “No” everything I asked for he could do and do it bigger and better than I could have imagined from the banners around Portmarnock to posters and signs in the club on the day oh and my Facebook Cut outs for photos, he even came up the morning of the event and put everything up for me!

Entertainment we chose as retro as possible with giant Connect 4, Jenga among some of the games and then had egg and spoon races/sack races and space hopper races running all day with a DJ co-ordinating the games. We also had a balloon maker and face painter as part of our package from

We booked Andy James Magic to perform some of his magic tricks and he was just fantastic, he mingled with the crowd for over an hour and then did a 30-minute show.

We had guest appearances from Peppa Pig, Princess Else and Marshall from Paw Patrol they proved a big hit with the younger kids. We used for this and they couldn’t be more helpful and so worth it for a kid’s birthday or communion!

Music we had a trad band play upstairs in the bar for 2 hours followed by Sisters of Sound in the main hall both of which were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We also had on the day Brendan Martin Cup with some of the Dublin girls team and the Sam Maguire Cup, such a fantastic addition to the day to have both cups there especially when Ali from the Dublin Gazette Newspaper arrived to cover the event.

The day went unbelievably well, we reckon we had about 700 people through the gates of the club throughout the day and by the end of the day I was very proud of all we had achieved in such a short time frame, I really enjoyed every bit of organising this event and seeing it be a such a success was truly amazing!!!

A big thank you to Kate & all the board in Naomh Mearnóg GAA for giving me the opportunity to prove myself in the Event Management industry and Thanks to all that participated in the day and came up to make the first Becksybubbles Event a Success………….Becksybubbles Events is officially open for business!!



Thanks, as always for reading.

Becksybubbles 🙂 

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