Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

So below are a few quick and easy Halloween costumes that can be made at home and save you some money.

First up is the “Contour tutorial” for YouTube Make up tutorial lovers!! Just pin your hair back with a hairband and then do dramatic contouring/highlighting on your face and BOOM you’re ready to go!!

halloween 5

Next up “it’s raining men” …….. should be easy to make up given the Irish weather we all have an umbrella lying around the house. Then it’s just a long jacket, wellies if you have them, and print off a few heads of men and glue them onto cardboard and hang from the umbrella! You should get a good laugh out of this costume.

halloween 4

If both you and a friend are stuck for a costume you could both dress up  as the “dancing emoji”, again cheap and cheerful, black shorts,black t shirt, Black socks and then bunny ears either pick up in the likes of Claire’s Accessories or Dealz or make yourself with a black hairband and black cardboard..

halloween 3

Or maybe a bunch of grapes is more you, for this you will need Purple balloons, black outfit (black leggings and a top) and a purple hat, and some green cardboard for around your neck.

halloween 2

And finally another quick one, a “Pinterest board”……… wear whatever you like underneath and then on a large piece of cardboard stick a few pictures from Pinterest on it …….quick easy and cheap!


Later in the week I will have a blog up on Food, Drinks and Decorations for an adult Halloween party.


Thanks for reading,

Becksybubbles x

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