I’m dreaming of a THIN Christmas!!

Ok, so I’m taking a different spin on “events” with this one…… I’m going more for the “preparation” for an Event………………

YEP I’m on a journey for the next 10 weeks to lose as much bloody weight as possible without fully becoming a hermit who only ventures out to go to the gym! My goal is to weigh A LOT less by Christmas but more importantly to get back to feeling better in my own skin, I want to get back to a stage where I don’t need to go into a changing room with 2 different sizes because I’m not sure if the ‘smaller’ one will fit or worse the ‘bigger’ size is too small, I’d also like to get back into half of my wardrobe that I can no longer wear because I’m too self-conscious in it.

Anyone that knows me knows I managed a few years back to drop over 3 stone in just over 16 weeks with Christmas in the middle of it but for the last 2 years my weight has decided to go in the complete wrong direction, granted I’m older and that apparently makes it harder to lose weight (this is one of my most popular excuses for myself!).  I have kept up my training (granted not to the levels I previously did) and I also stuck to a low carb diet for my sister’s wedding to only lose 7lbs in 4 months for it while training 6 days a week, I guess the reason for that was stress! Stress for me is the biggest cause of my weight gain, I get stressed out very easily and when I’m overly stressed I’ll reach for the vino/gin/cheese/bread/pasta……….basically all things nice but there’s no “in moderation” to this emotional eating my sleep also suffers and sleep is so important not just for the obvious reason……….the longer I sleep the less I eat, sleep I have been told repairs your muscles and stops you reaching for something to eat to give you energy to get through the day!

So here I am just 4lbs off what I was 4 years ago when I first embarked on a 6-week transformation granted my shape is different now then back then but the “sad step” (weighing scales!) doesn’t lie and I’m not even gonna try to kid myself and say I’ve gained loads of muscle because let’s be fair my, before pics below don’t lie!

I’m planning on doing a fortnightly blog post on how I’m getting on, how many times I decided “screw this I’m gonna just stay this size” how many times I walked down my beloved cheese isle filled my basket and continued onto the wine isle ha!!

While doing this 10 week challenge I WILL NOT be sitting in for 10 weeks straight as I fear I’ll literally know how to get away with “murder” given last weekend I managed to binge watch the whole 10 episodes of ‘Mindhunter’ and half of ‘Confession Tapes’ oh and finish off ‘The Killing’ (for anyone that wants to know all the above are worth a watch but maybe space them out a little better than I did!!). So, I will be awarding myself at least 1 night out every 2-3 weeks and weekends I am sitting in I will still have my ‘Friday Gin’ but I will be making smarter choices with food and trying to get more exercise in and a bit more headspace to hopefully keep my stress levels done!

For the first few weeks I’ll aiming to train 4 times a week which will consist of 2 personal training sessions and 2 spin classes and maybe another class thrown in if I do have a night out or hit the cheese/vino/gin a little too hard!!! I’ll also be aiming to walk a bit more I used to love walking but fell out of love with that after 1 too many step challenges!!

So here ya have it I’ve about 2 stone to lose in total but I’m realistic, if I could lose 4 stone by Christmas that be terrific hahahaha, no no joking aside anything near a stone by Christmas I’d be very proud of myself!!!

Before pics below for anyone brave enough!!!


Thanks for reading & I hope these blogs will be of interest to anyone else on a similar journey towards that goal for Christmas!

Becksybubbles x

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