Thin for Christmas….update!

It’s been two weeks since I let the world know I was on a journey to a Thin Christmas well so far so good………ish!!!

Week 1:

Alarm goes off on Monday morning, it’s not just your typical crappy Monday morning its day one on the bandwagon to lose weight so my alarm goes off 25 minutes earlier than usual I drag myself out of bed fire on a tracksuit and thank god its dark out so nobody will recognise me and off I go to do 20 minutes morning cardio (cardio sounds so much more like I made an effort………I actually just went for a walk but sure look a walk is better than nothing in my book!!).

Diet: I’m off chocolate, crisps, most cheeses, sugar, bread, pasta, rice basically the nice carbs and I’ve replaced them with sweet potato but only on the days I train (walking days don’t count!) so really, I’m off anything that’s not a vegetable or meat is how it feels some days………and the fact I’ve a half-eaten jar of Nutella in the press is really gonna test my willpower!!

Exercise: Aim for week one was 2 spin classes and 2 Personal Training sessions and 2 morning cardio sessions, what I ended up doing was 4 morning cardio sessions, 1 spin class and 2 personal training sessions

Drinks: honestly here’s the truth, 2 G&T’s Friday night another 2 on Saturday night and ‘only’ 1 on Sunday (didn’t want to undo too much of my hard work for week 1)!!!

Result for week 1: 1-pound loss and 1 inch of my waist and gained extra hours kip every night as I’ve been going to bed to avoid my usual late-night snack! My weight loss always starts off very slow and then once my body gets over the shock it starts to drop it a bit quicker and I’m hoping that’s what happens this time!!

Mood: I haven’t murdered anyone…. yet, I’ve got a bit more energy, but I’ve also blown a fuse or two with the lack of carbs, but all will calm down hopefully?

Week 2:

Wahoo I’m into single figures only 9 weeks to go………. yep this is how I’m keeping myself motivated and so much so when my alarm went off on Monday morning I told myself.

Diet: I’m in full swing now, I’ve been making up vegetable soups on Saturdays and beef mince with vegetables for lunches for the week, I’m not going to lie its beyond challenging when others in the house are getting Chinese take away and sipping on red wine and I’m sitting there with green beans and chicken burgers but I have to keep telling myself it’ll be worth it come Christmas and I got myself into this mess and I’ll get myself out of it…….and hopefully then I’ll be able to be one of these people that can eat in “moderation!!!!”…….wishful thinking but sure I’ll give it a whirl!
Exercise: this week I’ve been a lot more active, I got up 5 mornings and went for a walk before work, I managed 1 spin classes and 2 PT classes oh and 2 evening walks and even managed a trip to the gym on Sunday morning the clocks going back screwed up my sleep, so I was wide awake at 6am but waited till 7.30am before I headed up to the gym!

Drinks: I may have had a cheeky G&T on Wednesday night to toast a new event I’ve been asked to work on. I also relived the 80’s on Sunday night and went to the Hall & Oates concert!! (probably why I was so active all week it was preparation for Sunday night and some sort of damage control hopefully!) so I had a couple of glasses of prosecco and a few Vodkas and diet coke!

Result for week 2: 2lbs down, an inch of my hips and half an inch of my legs. So not too shabby in 2 weeks I’ve 3lbs off me the most I’ve managed to lose in a long time!


Mood: I’m full of energy, mood swings have subsided (depending on who you talk to!) I’m feeling better in myself, so the effects are good!


Its Tuesday of a new week and all I’ve managed so far is a 20-minute walk I’ll aim to improve as the week goes on……………Happy Halloween everyone…..i’ll be locking myself away from all the sweets in my house this evening!!


Thanks as always for reading,

Becksybubbles x


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