Battle with my inner fatty update!


Here’s another update on my battle with my inner fatty! …..

Week 3:
Well this week started off difficult due to the nasty hangover from the bank holiday I barely left my bed on Monday but then Tuesday morning came around and I knew I had to get up and get going or I’d spend the whole week doing nothing and eating everything so of I went for a walk and then spent Tuesday night hiding away from all Halloween sweets!!!

Diet: This week wasn’t too bad considering the bank holiday, I stuck to it and have found it nearly like second nature now no more checking can I have this or not, I’ve got it done to a fine art!

Exercise: I took the bank holiday off clearly it was needed, so the remainder of the week I got 4 morning walks in, 1 evening walk, 2 PT sessions and 2 gym sessions.

Drink: after being out last weekend I decided I needed to cut back this weekend on my drinking so I’d 1 Gin on Friday evening, 1 Saturday and none Sunday!

Results for week 3: I managed to lose 2lbs this week and half an inch of my waist.

Mood: I’ve settled into the diet now, so the lack of carbs isn’t causing mood swings though the hangover from Sunday took a good 3 days to shift!!!


Week 4:
This has 100% been the hardest week so far, I’m under a good bit of pressure with moving to a new house in 2 weeks and work and trying to make my next event as successful as the last, so I’ve found my sleep is suffering again which is making me crave NUTELLA!!! I’ve managed to curb it to 2 of those new Nutella bars in the space of a week which isn’t so bad for me as the old me would have polished off a big jar of Nutella in 3 days with the stress ha!

Diet: As I said hardest week so far, I’m trying my best to stay on track but with all the running around I’m doing I’m missing meals here and there and finding I’m looking for a quick food fix then when I do get to eat, I missed my lunch Friday Saturday and Sunday this week which didn’t help me 1 bit. I need to be more prepared next week to stop that from happening.

Exercise: I managed 4 morning walks, 2 evening walks, 2 PT sessions and 2 circuit training classes.

Drink: well I did great up until yesterday…..Kept the gin to a minimum but I ended up out yesterday and naturally ended up in a pub and had a bottle of red wine……..oops!!!

Results for week 4: another 2lbs gone and another ½ an inch of my hips, so in 4 weeks I’ve half a stone gone…………FOR GOOD!

Mood: Stressed out and fighting my inner fatty all week not to cave in on the diet but so far willpower is winning!!


So, with only 6 Mondays left till Santa and more importantly my Christmas dinner I’m still determined to win the battle with my weight!


Thanks as always for reading

Becksybubbles x

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