Fought my inner fatty and she won!!!

latest update with my goal of dreaming of a skinny Christmas……….

Week 5:

This week started with a hangover and ended up in hangover, but between those two days I managed to stick to the diet and get some exercise in, sleep not so much unfortunately but that’s all to do with the extremely busy week I have next week!

Diet: I stuck to the diet like glue this week knowing full well next week I’d struggle with diet and exercise, but on Sunday night I did make a big roast pork dinner for my family with all the trimmings and yes, I ate every bit of it…………OOPS!!

Exercise: weather & tiredness was a big factor for me this week I only managed, 2 morning walks and 2 Personal Training sessions.

Drink: I started this week with a hangover but managed to stay away from the drink until Sunday when I had a few glasses (maybe a bottle) of wine.

 Results for week 4:  I managed to shift another 1.5lbs this week and another ½ an inch of my hips so not too shabby for the lack of exercise and drinking!

 Mood: Stressed out & tired but survived another week somewhat on the bandwagon!!

Week 6:

Christ what a week this was, I barely ate barely slept and climbed I don’t know how many sets of stairs moving to a new house and organising the event. The Event was on Thursday night and thankfully was a huge success, so I spent most of the start of the week at meetings and setting up for Thursday and then woke on Friday morning to move to a new house and have been moving ever since!!!

Diet: Diet I stuck to Monday to Wednesday then Thursday I think I manged 2 meals but both meals where part of my diet but then come Friday I got breakfast at 8am and dinner at 10pm Saturday I think dinner was the first thing I ate, and it wasn’t homecooked it came in a container delivered to the door…… Chinese, Thai whatever I could get my hands on I ate and it continued like that till today when I went back to work!

Exercise: If moving boxes, building clothes rails and carting things from one house to another count as exercise I should be down about a stone today!!!

Drink: I surprised myself this week, I’d 1 drink on Thursday after the event then I’d 2 glasses of wine on Friday to toast the move, Saturday I ended up out to watch the match and ended up having a few beers and more wine at home and Sunday some more drink oh and last night…….so yep I’ve fallen so far off the bandwagon for drink that I fear I’ll keep on going now till Christmas!!!

Results for this week: so far, I’ve managed to maintain my weight this week, so it goes to prove eating less and drinking more does nothing really for my weight loss!!

Mood: extremely tired & emotional after the move!!

So, after the last 2 weeks I’m delighted to be getting back into a routine of eating right and exercising I feel bloated, my skins in bits and I’m looking forward to feeling the pain of training again this week!

Only 4 more Mondays to go till Christmas and 6 lbs to reach my personal target and hopefully fit into my Christmas clothes I may of purchased in the Black Friday Sales……..

Thanks as always for reading

Becksybubbles x



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