So it WILL Be a THINNER Christmas…

Week 7:
First full week in my new house, so I started as I mean to go on up and out walking in the morning and back at training, though I have been having a sneaky glass or 2 of vino most evenings…oops!

Diet: I went back to work on Tuesday and left the house with all my meals prepped and ready to go, fully back on the bandwagon.

Exercise: I managed to get straight into my new routine on Tuesday up and out walking and got my 2 personal training sessions in but still only got 3 days of exercise this week between the weather and needing to go places in the evening to get stuff for the house but still not too bad.

Drink: with people dropping by the new house I reckon I’ve managed to drink 5 nights out of 7 this week which aint gonna help my weight loss but sure look its nearly Christmas!!!

Results for week 7:  The ‘sad step’ (scales!) was a very happy step this week I managed to lose 4 pounds and can now see the finish line…………well finish line for this side of Christmas that is!!

Mood: I’ve been so tired this week my sleep is affected in the new house but other than that I’m feeling good.

 Week 8:
This week started off with an almighty hangover and major lack of sleep, so I wasn’t feeling too optimistic on my weight loss, but I did my best to try and stick to it knowing I’ve only a few weeks left to go!

Diet: stuck to the diet as much as possible though a few celebrations chocolates and a few glasses of vino may have passed my lips.

Exercise: This was my last week with personal training, so I tried to get as much exercise in as possible and got 2 morning walks and 1 long evening walk, 2 PT sessions and a quick spin class.

Drink: a few glasses of wine on Saturday and Sunday night but nothing too crazy!

Results for week 8: I think last weeks madness caught up with me and I managed to stay the same this week which wasn’t so bad given I’d lost so much the previous week.

Mood: in good form knowing its nearly Christmas and I’m off out next Friday for the 1st time in months!

Week 9:
Wahoo this is it last week fully on the bandwagon given come the 22nd I’ll be in full chrimbo swing!!! I’d my work Christmas party on Friday night and then girls Christmas lunch on Sunday so I did my best to keep on track………well until 8pm on Friday that was!!

Diet: Monday to Thursday was super but come Friday evening it all went to pot, between the gin and chips and deep-fried cheese, crisp sandwiches on Saturday and A LOT of cakes yesterday I’d say I consumed more calories Friday to Sunday than I would in about 2 weeks!

Exercise: With the cold mornings I didn’t get any morning walks in for fear of falling flat on my face in the ice but did get 3 evening walks in and no classes or personal training.

Drink: Monday to Thursday I was grand, Friday I lost count of the amount of gin and glasses of wine I had and then again yesterday but todays a new day I guess L.

Results for Week 9: I miraculously managed to lose 1.5lbs this week so in the 9 weeks I’ve lost 13.5lbs in total, got my waist back to 29 inches and lost 2 inches off my thighs and 3 off my hips my body fat has come down a lot too which is great!

I’d love to get another pound off me this week to get back into the 11-stone bracket but at the same time I’m not going to get disheartened if it doesn’t happen as I’ve struggled to lose weight for so long I should be proud of how much I managed to lose in 9 weeks plus, I truly enjoyed my weekend of food and drink and I don’t have much spare time this week to get exercise in!

So that’s it, final installment for this side of Christmas no doubt I’ll be back at in January to shift not only the rest of my target but the chrimbo holiday weight too but for now I’m not gonna worry and I’m going to enjoy the Christmas holibops!

Thanks as always for reading,

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for 2018

Becksybubbles x

christmas diet 


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