Goodbye January….. Hello February!

So, January is finally over, I kinda feel I’ve wasted the first month of what I hope will be a fun and exciting year, but I’ve turned the page to February now and I’m putting plans in place to reach my goals both with new events and in my personal life!

Just for a little update since Christmas (yes I’m fully aware its a distant memory at this stage!!) with my diet…………. or maybe lack of…. whoops! so I reached the target of getting a stone off me by Christmas and then sure I went ‘to town’ on every bit of nice food I could find for the full week of Christmas not to mention the amount of wine/gin/vodka even beer anything alcoholic really, I had in LARGE amounts.

The first week back in work after Christmas I got laryngitis for the first time in my life, so as much as everyone around me was probably delighted with how quiet I was, for me I found it nearly added to my January blues as I found myself feeling very isolated as I was trying to stay away from people to rest the little whisper of a voice I had so I ended up binging on food & Netflix and did no training. All of this resulted in a 3-pound gain, honestly, I was pleasantly surprised I only gained that much and kinda knew it was too good to be true as I would usually gain at least half a stone over Christmas!!

It was too good to be true, I got weighed again on Saturday I was up another 2 pounds so 5 in total since Christmas it was the kick in the a*s I needed, instead of shying away from doing a double training session on Saturday I did it (died on the inside but survived!), even more determined I went home and cleaned the house from top to bottom fearing I wouldn’t be able to walk on Sunday after the double session! Sunday, I got myself up early and out with the dogs to the beach and walked the length of it got plenty of fresh air and cleared my head for the week ahead! I’ve continued so far, this week getting out walking as much as I can, and my diet is back on track now if I could just give up the glass of vino every night I’d be laughing!!! 😉

So really 1st of February is like New Year’s Day for me, January was more of a trial run!!! its starting off good so far, I’m off to Portugal on Tuesday for a few days and I plan on using the days away from the mundane life of 9-5 Monday to Friday work to get some ideas for my blog, targets and goals……………

I’ll hopefully have an exciting announcement in the next week or 2 regarding my next event!

Thanks as always for reading,

Becksybubbles x

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