Pamper Hamper for Mom’s to be!

It feels like a lifetime ago since I blogged so apologies to anyone who had been enjoying them, but I’m back now with some new ideas for the blog and what I want to aim towards.

So, a couple of months back my sister and brother in law gave my family the best news ever………they are expecting a baby! That’s right our family is growing, and the next generation will be here in February the excitement is unreal 😊.

Anyone who has read previous blogs will have guessed a growing trend with me… I’ll make a hamper for nearly any occasion ha!!

As they told us well before the 12 weeks and we had to keep it a secret for 8 VERY LONG weeks so, I decided to make up a little “Pregnancy Pamper” hamper for her. I didn’t want to put anything in the hamper baby related for superstitious reasons, so I made the hamper up with things that were more of a “pamper” for her while still acknowledging the most exciting news!!

I purchased most of it in Penney’s (surprise surprise!!!) and you could literally make the hamper as big or small as your budget allows.

In this one I put a few necessities:

  • Bio oil – early prevention for the stretch marks!!
  • Epsom salts & Radox muscle bath soak – for stressful days
  • back loafer scrub – will come in handy when bump takes over!
  • body scrub
  • Gaviscon – a common complaint apparently for pregnant ladies, one of my friends carried a big bottle everywhere for the 9 months!
  • Cooling face mask
  • 2 litre refillable water bottle – keep her and baby hydrated!
  • Big mug for the endless herbal teas
  • Pregnancy magazine
  • Note book – for her to put any questions she might think of for her doctor’s appointments
  • Chocolates- a necessity for any girl I feel
  • Tissues – for her emotions
  • Comfy PJ’s – for those amazing sleeps at the start of pregnancy.
  • Slippers

pregnacny hamper

I’ll be posting a few more pregnancy related ideas for gifts/baby showers etc, over the next while mainly to help me countdown the next 170 days till I get to meet my niece or nephew!!!!

As always thanks for reading and hope this helps someone looking for a gift idea for a close friend/sister who has just told you their exciting news!


Becksybubbles 😊


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