Becksybubbles takes on the GAA!!!

Where do I start, I’m still in shock at how I managed to pull off such a large event with 2 weeks’ notice!

So it started with an email on a Friday evening nearly 3 weeks ago now asking would I be interested in organising the clubs community family day………to say I was shocked was an understatement, I naturally did what I always do and convinced myself I wasn’t able to do it ‘like how could I pull it off in 2 weeks having never organised something like that before’ then the fear kicked in ‘imagine I made a mess of it my new career would be in tatters before it even began’……. Continue reading

Just call me Monica Geller!!!


Sure, it’s just a girl’s weekend away with a few sashes and bride to be banners…………eh no, NO its not……. Its sleepless nights, weight gain (In my case!!) anxiety, secret keeping, mathematically challenging and the rest to say the least!!! Well that’s how it was for me for all the hen’s I’ve organised over the last number of years reason being I’m literally like Monica from friends! I remember the first hen party I’d organised I found myself standing in the sitting room on the Saturday evening saying to the other bridesmaids “WTF we are like, an hour late for organised fun”!!!…………yeah, I said that, I’m scarlet for my ma for having me!!!! Continue reading

Getting married abroad……I’ve a box for that!

You have booked the location and the excitement is mounting and now to book your flights, do you book an extra seat for your dress? will it fit in a suit carrier? Will you put it in the overhead storage? Do you check it in and panic the whole time that it won’t arrive at the location? Or are you fearful while having those few pre-flight scoops in the airport that someone god forbid will spill a drink on the dress?

All these thoughts went through my head with my sister’s wedding dress, yes, her dress not mine, I don’t think the thought even crossed my sisters mind but then that’s where we are different, I think of the little things and she thinks of the big things!

With all of us  travelling abroad for the wedding, these thoughts crossed my mind a few times but to be honest the only reason it did was I feared for drinks being spilled on the dress as the majority of my extended family are extremely clumsy myself included it’s a true story  at nearly every family gathering you can be guaranteed some will either fall, spill a drink, break a chair…….the list is endless and usually highly entertaining, once is not you that has given everyone else a reason to laugh of course!! Continue reading

So, your sister is getting hitched!

So here I am writing my first blog probably the biggest leap I’ve taken in along time but sure I’ll give it a whirl and see where it takes me!!!

I thought I’d start of writing about something I started doing around 4 years ago when one of my best friends got engaged and then naturally it grew legs and by the time it came to my sister I was a pro and getting things done! So here it goes I’m going to blog about Engagement hampers…..


While everyone around you is excited at the prospect of a wedding you “the other sister” start thinking almost immediately ‘Christ I better start my diet for the wedding’ ‘Jaysus where will we go for the hen’ ‘What dress will she pick for us to wear’………the list of thoughts is endless I know I’ve been there!!

But first things first, whether this is your only sister or your 10th sister to get married you want your sister to stay on cloud nine for as long as possible.

When my sister got engaged on Christmas Eve 3 years ago, Continue reading